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4 star
Allmendstrasse 3, 3860 Meiringen, Switzerland

Policies of SwissPeak Resorts Meiringen

Amenities of SwissPeak Resorts Meiringen

Reception, Bar, Lounge, Bistro, WiFi, Sauna, Relaxation room, playroom, lift, storage room for bicycles, storage room for skis, central heating system. WiFi Dishwasher Washing machine TV Balcony / Terrace Baby cot Sauna Community garage Parking Non smoking Tumble dryer (for shared use, extra). Linen change (suppl. charge extra). Motor access to the house. Proximity to public transport 200 m Proximity to golf course 33 km Distance to ski slope / mountain lift 1 km

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SwissPeak Resorts Meiringen Meiringen, Switzerland

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